VIP Notifications

Badgy allows for attendees to be marked as VIP's within Badgy.

When a VIP is checked-in an SMS is sent to the assigned number to let you know.


An example usage of VIP's would be to notify the event organiser when a speaker has checked-in at the event.

SMS Notificaton Setup

  1. VIP's Notifications settings can be found in the Check-In tab of Settings.

  2. Start by switching SMS Notifications on.

  3. Now add the phone number you would like to receive the sms notifications.

  4. If your VIP's have a specific ticket type you can now toggle on and off notifications for those ticket types, otherwise you can individually mark attendees as VIP's by clicking the button in their ticket detail pop-up.

VIP Limits

Badgy allows for 10% of your attendees to be VIP's. If you have more than this please contact us for pricing.