Check-in Devices

A check-in device allows you to find attendees via their ticket QR code or name search. You can then check the attendee into your event and optionally print their badge label.


A check-in device usually takes the form of a phone. However any device will work as Badgy doesn't require an app. If your device has a camera you can scan ticket QR codes to speed up check in. Devices without a camera will still allow you check-in attendees but you will have to search for each attendee individually on your check-in list.


Devices will need an active internet connection to work. If you are using a phone we recommend connecting it to Wi-Fi if available. This will allow for redundancy as the phone can fall back to a mobile network provider should the Wi-Fi go down.


It's always good to ensure that your check-in devices have a full battery before your event kicks off. Using the camera for an extended period can eat into a battery. Having a few backup devices is always recommended.