Print Stations

A Print Station is a setup that allows you to print badge labels with Badgy.

When considering print stations, you have several options. For each you will require:

  • Zebra Printer
  • Laptop or BadgyBox
  • Labels

Laptop based Print Station

The simpliest Print Station setup is a laptop connected to a printer. We recommend using a MacBook as your laptop as they include plug and play support for Zebra printers. Windows laptops can be used but require some configuration. If you would like to configure a Windows laptop, please visit the

Windows Troubleshooting
section for further information.

Badgy Box based Print Station

A Badgy Box is a small device which is pre-configured to work with Badgy and is a great option for events which require a larger number of print stations. Or if you want a plug and play experience. The BadgyBox connects directly to the Zebra printer with no need a for a laptop. Each Box can run up to 4 printers.

Wired Internet Connection Recommended

Badgy Boxes support both Wired Internet and Wi-Fi, however we recommend using Wired Internet if possible. This is much more reliable - espesically as more attendees arrive and connect their devices to Wi-Fi.

Requirements for your event

The Print Station solution required is based on your event size and throughput needs. In general a single Print Station can handle ~200 attendees, however if you have a specific need in terms of multiple event entry points or time based limits to check-in attendees you may want more.

If you have questions about your requirements please contact us.


An event with 100 attendees will likely only need a single print station. For this a laptop connected to a printer is likely the best solution. An event with 2,000 attendees will need multiple print stations to handle check-in efficiently. In this scenario 10 print stations comprising of printers and BadgyBoxes may be the ideal solution


Any printer which supports the ZPL language should be supported by Badgy. However we recommend Zebra printers for a plug and play experience. If you have printers from other vendors please contact us so we can verify and add them to our vendor list.

If you are looking to purchase printers we recommend the Zebra ZD220 which is affordable and reliable. Below you can find a list of suppliers for your region:

🇪🇺 EU


🇺🇸 USA

🇬🇧 UK