Staffing Check-In

An important consideration when using Badgy is staffing.

It's important to strike the right balance between the number of staff checking-in attendees and the number of staff operating the Print Stations. The bottleneck at registration will often be the humans and not the equipment.

Recommended Setup

Print Station Staffing

In general the printers can print quicker than a single person can apply badge labels to badges

  • 2 staff per printer
  • 2 check in staff & devices per printer

With this setup we have found that a single printer can process 200-300 attendees in a one hour registration window. Of course this will vary based on throughput, but this should give you an idea of what you may need for your event.


It is advisable to test that your staffing is able to keep up with demand prior to your event.

While using our Free Plan you can print test badge labels to test your setups ability to handle check-in and badge printing. We recommend setting up a single Print Station as you plan to on the day. An example would be two check-in devices connected to a single Print Station.