Pairing Check-in Devices

Pairing Check-in Device

To connect a check-in device to your Badgy event you must enter the unique Badgy URL provided. This URL can be found as a QR code in the Check-in tab in Settings under Connect a check-in device.

You can use a smartphone camera to scan this QR code and open the embedded URL. Once opened you will be brought to the Badgy event page where you can choose your Print Station to connect the check-in device to.

You can connect as many check-in devices as you would like to your printers, however each check-in device prints to only one printer. This allows for the staff member operating the check-in device to easily point the attendee to the correct badge collection counter.

Don't overload your Print Stations

It's important to ensure that the number of check-in devices connected to a Print Station is reasonable for the staff operating that station to handle.

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  1. Tap on the Open Scanner button.

  2. Scan the atendees ticket QR code.

  3. Check-in the attendee and optionally print their badge label.