Free vs Premium

Free Plan

Our Badgy free plan allows you test Badgy's features and even use Badgy as a check-in app for your event at no cost.

You can view your event, connect as many check-in devices as you would like and check in attendees for your event.

Of course it can also show you the power and breadth of features available in Badgy Premium.

Features available in Badgy's Free Plan:

  • Import unlimited events
  • Attendee check-in with unlimited check-in devices
  • Realtime sync
  • Offline support
Testing Badgy Premium Features in the Free Plan

In our free plan you can test your Print Station setup, print and configure test Badges, try our vendor lead capture service and test attendee check-in before purchasing credits and moving to Premium.


Premium is where you will find most of Badgy's features including badge label printing.

Enabling Premium on your event is easy. You simply buy/use enough credits to cover your event size by clicking the "Upgrade" button on your dashboard or in the banner on your event page.

You can learn more about credits


Extra features available in Badgy Premium:

  • Badge printing
  • Multiple Print Stations
  • One off badge printing
  • Vendor lead capture
  • Attendee self check-in
  • VIP Notifications
  • Wallet passes