Check-in Queue Setup

There are a number of factors to consider when planning your check-in queue setup.

Your number of attendees, venue, entry locations and number of Print Stations will all contribute.


A key consideration when planning your check-in is spacing between check-in operations. By adding a space between check-in device staff and Print Stations you create a buffer for a printed label to be applied to a Badge. A gap of ~10 meters will give your Print Station staff a chance to apply the badge label before the attendee reaches them.

Load balancing

When designing your queuing system give extra attention to ensure you can evenly spread the attendees across your check-in devices to avoid a bottleneck. Attendees should ideally have equal access to all staff with check-in devices when they enter the check-in space for your event. Keeping all check-in devices and Print Stations equally busy will give the quickest and best experience to your guests.

Problem solving

Enevitably an attendee or two will have an issue when they arrive, maybe their name is incorrect or they can't be found on the list. We suggest that larger events have a separate Laptop + Printer Print Station setup to deal with these attendees. Doing so gives them the best experience but also stops a single attendee slowing down the check-in experience for others. Simply guide them to the designated Print Station and continue checking in other attendees.

See a check-in experience in action